Saturday, April 18, 2009

awww man, hot dogs again mom???

song of the blog: ted leo & the pharmacists - the angels share

yeah, because they're easy...and delicious. nathons famous all beed franks are the best.

okay, tonight im going to talk about customers of the retail service.


its ridiculous. i mean, example from tonight. i was asked to go out side and give an override at one of the garden center registers, so i did, and then the customer walks up and flips out on me about having to wait 20 mins and how i should make something free. i told him that i was just notified that a override was needed, his response was "well you may have just found out but ive been out here for 20 mins." which i really doubt that sir, so i just tell the cashier to make whatever it was he was getting a dollar and walked off. im not going to even try to give you my service if your going to come at me right off that bat with some shit.

i think people think that since myself as well as everyone else in the service industry, be in retail, food or other, that they think that they're better than us. man im just as human as you are. ive got bills to pay and a job to do. i dont come up to your work and give you a whole bunch of unnecessary shit. i mean, i try to give you some respect, besides the fact that ive never met you, i dont see why its so hard to give me some in return. dont get me wrong, not everyone is like this, but alot of people are. its amazing just how impatient and immature people are when they go into a retail store. its like they leave all the manners and etiquette at the door and just become a were-asshole. you like that dont you, a were-asshole. which actually makes sense, because in the retail industry we have this saying "must be a full moon" meaning, for some reason when a full moon is out, people tend to be worse than normal. i mean, im sorry i dont have the product youre looking for, leave it at that. dont make a big fucking deal about it, if i dont have it, i dont have it. bitching and whining isnt going to make it pop out of my ass. i go to best buy, they dont have the cd im looking for, im bummed but realize they must be sold out, so i wait, or i go to another best buy.

thats something else. my lowes is located about 15 minutes from another lowes, a lowes i drive by to and from work everyday. i suggest the customer to go down there and pick up the product, that store has it and they could satisfy the need for whatever it is they wanted. no no no no no, thats WAY to far to drive to get something. i do my best to make sure we have enough product, but what people dont understand, if a particular product isnt selling well, then corporate isnt going to send us a shit load. example, this guy wanted 1 piece of metal frame for glass block. the computer said we had just received 36 pcs, well yeah, but theyre on the truck that has yet to be unloaded. south asheville has it, just run down there and get it. oh no, im going to bitch and moan and leave. then im going to call back ask for someone to call down to that store and see if they have it and then go to that store and get it. you just made yourself look like a hugh douche for no reason. shit.

ive decided not to go to bonnaroo this year. hanging out with richard, to me, is more important. there is very little chance to see him since he lives on the other side of the country. i mean, yeah, bonnaroo is once year, but thats about how much richard is towards my way. and plus thats a lot of money i need to put towards rent since im paying the other half now.

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